Systematize, Organize, & Automate Your Current In-House Sales Team.

This is an ideal fit for Entrepreneurs who would like us to systematize, organize, and scale their current in-house sales team.

  • More Sales. Fewer No Shows.

    Get the most out of your leads! Enjoy more notifications from your bank that you've been PAID! Courtesy of our automated follow-up campaigns (sms/email/voice) we'll help your in-house sales team make sure no lead gets left behind. 


    That includes ringless voicemails to leads and automatic calling so that a rep never forgets an appointment. Don't forget

  • Advanced ROI & Lead Tracking

    Easily track the ROI and Leads in your pipeline. We'll help your in-house team set-up a proprietary Analytics Dashboard.


    Allowing you to track appointment rates, cash collected, lead notes complete with call recordings, campaign effectiveness, and response rates!

  • In-House Financing

    Add flexible payment options to your offers with in-house financing. Create plans for leads with credit scores as low as 500.


    They get to take part in your offer and you get paid in as little as 24 hours with no risk, no reserve, and no financial recourse to you.

  • World Class Training

    Make sure your team stays sharp with advanced sales training, objection handling and accountability. We audit your in-house sales teams calls for 30 days and provide real-time feedback and training.